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Basic Model Railroad Benchwork The Complete Photo Guide (used) 4

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Basic Model Railroad Benchwork The Complete Photo Guide (used)

Basic Model Railroad Benchwork is the complete introduction to the basic tools, materials, and techniques you'll need to construct a foundation for a layout of any size or scale. Clear concise instructions and over 250 step-by-step color photographs and diagrams demonstrate quick and easy, yet effective, techniques for assembling one of the most important components of your model railroad.

In the pages of this book you'll learn how to:

  • Choose the proper tools and use them safely
  • Evaluate various construction materials and determine where they are best used
  • Build free standing, wall mounted, or modular benchwork
  • Work confidently with risers, roadbed, backdrops, fascia boards, and scenic supports
  • Construct benchwork for special situations, including helixes and multiple-deck layouts — even integrated into beautifully crafted furniture.

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): Jeff Wilson
Number of Pages: 96
Publication Date: 2002
Age Group: adult
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