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The Great Trains 4

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The Great Trains
Edited by Bryan Morgan
published by Crown Publishers, Inc.
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This is abook about the Great Trains — a world-wide round up of expresses that link town to town, and state to state, and which still keep their glamour today. The boundaries are global — individual sections describe the Great Trains of Britain, of Europe, of Russia, of North America, of India, and of the rest of the world. The book is introduced by chapters on the development and design, the pioneers and the spreading of the system across the land. Passenger Discomforts describes the increasing comfort, after a miserable start, to be found in trains. Two Pioneers the great work of George Pullman and the founder of the Wagons-Lits Company, Georges Nagelmackers, while the Golden Age of Steam traces the rise and the hey-day of the steam locomotives on the railways of the world. Two other chapters deal with the architectural side — Stations and Structures, and the marine — Railways Afloat. Three contemporary extracts are included — voices from 1889, 1910 and 1913 recall the railway scene in the belle époque. The present and the future are not neglected — Sir John Elliot, past director of Brtain’s Southern Railway, and of Thomas Cook/Wagons-Lits, hails today as the dawn of a new age in railway transport, with the coming of the Trans Europe Express network, the Amtrak developments in the USA, and the Japanese (and other) high speed experiments. Finally, the arts are not ignored, Imagined Journeys dealing with trains in books, and Bllue Horizons the stage and screen.

The Great Trains, then, is a ticket to the scores of colorful trains which ran or run all around the world. Illustrated by some 300 black and white illustrations, specially collected for this book, and many of which have never before been published, and 40 full color illustrations, which combine with the text to provide a nostalgic and all-embracing picture of the famous trains of the world. By turns colorful, witty, informative ans escapist, The Great Trains displays for the railway devotee and the armchair traveller the heroic story of the luxury express.

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Author(s): Edita Lausanne
Number of Pages: 259
Publication Date: 1973
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