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The Pictorial Story of Railways 4

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The Pictorial Story of Railways
Edited by E.L. Cornwell
published by Crescent Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This magnificent book traces the development, production and application of the railway train from its beginnings in the Industrial Revolution to the 150 mph railways of today.

No other of man's artifacts has engendered quite the same qualities of pride and devoted attention as the railway train, particularly the steam locomotive, perhaps because the train was man's first instrument of mass travel, and thus brought emancipation from the narrow environs of local life. It brought a new quality of romance into the lives of millions of people throughout the world, and the quality still clings to the story of the railway.

In this book, the story is told with the help of hundreds of superb photographs in color and black and white, printed with a lavish use of second-color tints. The development of railways in all five continents is described, with the men who built them and the advances in civil engineering which made them possible. The way track has developed to cope with the constant demands of increasing loads and speeds is only one of the many triumphs of railway engineering included here.

Nor are the common aspects of the railway scene neglected. Sections are included on railway tickets, early railway workshops and freight handling, railway signalling, railway architecture, the effects of war on the railways, and the continuing development of railway carriages and specialized passenger services.

Finally, there are pointers to the promising future of the railways, from the Channel Tunnel which will link Great Britain to the continent of Europe, to the guided ground transport which could be the successor to the railway as we know it today.

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Author(s): E. L. Cornwell
Number of Pages: 254
Publication Date: 1974
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