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Yonder Comes the Train 4

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Yonder Comes the Train: The Story of the Iron Horse and Some of the Roads it Travelled
Author: Lance Phillips
published by A. S. Barnes and Co., Inc.
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
eighth printing August 1971

After sketching the history of the development of the steam engine and its first application in England, Mr. Phillips traces the introduction of the locomotive to America and chronicles the growth of the early roads laid out to operate between towns, and then of the great lines that headed into and across open country, hoping that the growing population would follow the high iron to new frontiers and opportunities. In the short span of one human lifetime, steam railroads revolutionized American life. And with this revolution came the great names — the great financiers, the great engineers, the great heroes and the great villains of an age that passed too quickly, as quickly as one of its own engines at a crossing.

Yonder Comes The Train captures the spirit of an age as well as a business, a way of life as well as a profession. Illustrated with over 450 photographs and drawings, it if a book that is factual, fond, and fascinating.

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Author(s): Lance Phillips
Number of Pages: 395
Publication Date: 1971
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