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Alpha Meter For DC Or DCC

Product Manufacturer: DCC Concepts
Manufacturer Model: DCC-AVA.1
Store Item Number: DCCCDCC-AVA.1
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Alpha Meter For DC Or DCC

  • A highly accurate digital meter for use on DC or DCC layouts. Simple to install and easy to understand. DCD-AVA.1
  • A perfect match for Alpha Panel so you layout fascia will look great!
  • Alpha Meter’s circuitry has been carefully designed to keep it simple, with only two wires in, two wires out. It automatically adusts for AC, DC or DCC power and even compensates for it’s own load, leaving only real-world readings relevant to your layout operation.
  • Size – 128mm wide, 55mm deep
  • Power – DC or DCC, 5-29V, 10 amps max.
  • Power – AC, 5-20.5V, 7 amps max.

Made In: China

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control
Age Group: adult