Privacy Notice

The Western Depot guarantees your privacy. We do not give or sell our customer information to any other company. We do not call you unless we have a legitimate business reason to do so. We will not send you junk e-mail. We will shred any paper we no longer need that has credit card information on it. Our web server encrypts your credit card number and CVV number before they are stored and once your order is shipped the CVV number and all but the last four digits of your credit card number are erased from the server.

The Western Depot does occasionally mail out sale flyers to its customers. This happens roughly two or three times a year. To get on our mailing list you need do nothing more than buy some O gauge train item from us. To get off of our mailing list you need only tell us or simply wait. Every January we look at our customer list and remove all those people who haven’t made a purchase from us during the previous two years.

The Western Depot staff will only call you on the phone if there is some problem with or question about an order you have placed with us. We may also call if you have asked us to notify you when a certain item arrives in stock, or if you have asked us to search for a particular item for you and we find that item.

The Western Depot may e-mail you if we can’t reach you by phone. You will also receive automatic confirmation emails from our web site when you place an order with us online. The only other time we use your e-mail address is when we ship something to you. In that case we will have the carrier e-mail you the tracking information from your shipment. This is a free and totally automated service offered by both UPS and the postal service. No unwanted people will get your e-mail address from this service.

The Western Depot may e-mail an occasional sale notice to its customers. However, we require your permission to send you such e-mails. To receive sale e-mails simply create an account on our web site and indicate that you want to subscribe to newsletters. By default the newsletter option is checked and you will receive email newsletters from us. You may change this option at any time by editing your account on our web site. Currently we only send one or two such notices a month so even if you are subscribed to our e-mail newsletter you will not receive very many e-mails from us.