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The Colorful World of Steam 4

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The Colorful World of Steam: Great Trains & Railroads
Author: John Westwood
published by Octopus Books Limited
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

In this beautifully illstrated book John Westwood recaptures the nostalgia of steam in its hey-day and traces its development from the early pioneer days to the last of the great streamliners and the current age of preservation. Locomotive development — the opening of the first railroads — early signalling and telegraph methods — trackage rights — the introduction of the dining car and the famous Harvey girls of Santa Fe — station architecture, from wooden wayside halts to majestic city termini and the opulent splendor of royal coaches all help recreate the exciting world of steam.

Made In: Hong Kong

Product Condition: Used

Product Type: Book
Author(s): John Westwood
Number of Pages: 96
Publication Date: 1980
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