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The Collector's Book Of The Locomotive (used) 4

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The Collector's Book Of The Locomotive (used)
with over 150 illustrations in black and white, and 44 in full color
published by Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.
first edition

The steam locomotive was for nearly a century and a half not only a potent force in the development of the American continent, it was also the inspiration to generations of boys and men who took it as the most perfect symbol of power and mechanical refinement, not to mention sheer romance. Here is the first book ever to show how the iron horse wash the theme incorporated into many dozens of other objects, things that have by now almost all become prized collector's items.

With text and ample illustrations, the author shows how the locomotive was used as the subject of popular lithographs, made in miniatures, and reproduced in china. The iron horse was central to dozens of dime novel plots, and it also inspired circus acts. Toy trains are still being made, but here early ones or rare examples, including those run by steam and clockwork, are covered in several fascinating chapters. The whole field of making accurate scale models of historic locomotives continues today as well, but here also the collector can find early examples. In medals, jigsaw puzzles, stamps, stock certificates, desk sets, and many other items, the locomotive served as subject and inspiration, and this colorful book celebrates all those marvelous transformations of the magnificent iron horse.

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Author(s): Edwin P. Alexander
Number of Pages: 197
Publication Date: 1966
Age Group: adult
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