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Switch-It Mk2 Switch Machine Decoder

Product Manufacturer: NCE Corporation
Manufacturer Model: 05240154
Store Item Number: NCE05240154
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Switch-It Mk2 Switch Machine Decoder

For Stall Motor Machines only

  • Not for use with twin coil switch machines
  • All new easy programming!
  • Control for 2 Tortoise switch machines
  • Remembers the position of switch during power outages
  • Supports the full range of DCC accessory addresses (1-2044)
  • Easy Address programming, no need to connect it programming track
  • Push button connections for local control panel operation
  • Simple hook up 2 wires to the track, 2 wires to each switch machine

Made In: United States

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control > DCC Decoders
Assembly: some assembly required