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Medium Centerset Shank “SF” Shelf Metal Whisker® Couplers

Product Manufacturer: Kadee
Manufacturer Model: 118
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Medium (19/64") Centerset Shank “SF” Shelf Metal Whisker® Couplers (two pair)

The #118 Kadee® Magne-Matic® Coupler features a Metal Coupler, insulated #242 Draft Gear Box and Lid with center screw holes for mounting. Shelfs actually work. The #118 Coupler may be mounted with supplied #242 draft gear box or with manufactures cast-on coupler pockets. Two pair per package. Manual uncoupling requires the #241 Dual Tool. The “SF” Shelf Coupler can be easily modified to look like the type “F” Shelf Coupler or “H” Passenger Car Coupler. It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gear box to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated draft gear box .

HISTORY: (Taken from excerpts of the 1980 “The Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia” Section 9.): Recognizing the distinct safety features of the Tightlock Type “H” coupler for passenger service (adopted as alternate standard in 1937 and standardized in 1947), the Association of American Railroads (AAR) asked the Standard Coupler Manufacturers to develop a similar, but less sophisticated, design coupler for freight equipment. This was accomplished in 1943 with the development of the Type “F” Interlocking coupler. Service trials were completed in 1947 and the Type “F” coupling system was made available for general freight service. It was then adopted as an alternate standard by the AAR in 1954. Due to the safety aspects of the “F” interlocking features in keeping cars coupled during train derailments, and preventing car overturn or telescoping, In 1970 the DOT/FRA mandated that hazardous material tank cars were to be equipped with “F” Interlocking couplers. As an adjunct to the above DOT/FRA action, the coupler manufacturers, the AAR, and the tank car owners entered into a concerted cooperative effort to devise a shelf interlocking system for all AAR coupler design types that might be used on hazardous material cars. These efforts resulted in the development of top and bottom shelf retention features for the Type “E” and “E/F” couplers. Also, “F” couplers were provided with a top hood (shelf). These were service tested for two years. The AAR adopted the top and bottom shelf couplers as Standards for tank cars in 1975. These tank car couplers were identified by the letter “S” prefix to their catalog numbers. In 1968 the Type “E” couplers with a bottom retention shelf were made available and are noted as the Type “SBE” coupler. The top and bottom shelf Type “E” coupler is the “SE” coupler. The Type “F” coupler with a top hood is the Type “SF” coupler. Historically: The Type “D” coupler (predecessor to the Type “E”) was used from 1916, the Type “E” coupler was standard in 1932 to present, the Type “H” Tightlock passenger coupler was alternate standard in 1937 and standard in 1947, the Type “F” was an alternate standard for freight cars in 1954 and standard for hazardous material tank cars in 1970. The bottom shelf Type “SBE” was available in 1968, the top and bottom shelf Type “SE” and “SF” couplers were standard for tank cars in 1975.

Made In: United States

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Product Type: Model Train > Couplers
Scale: HO