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Workshop Tips & Projects

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Workshop Tips & Projects For Model Railroaders
  • Tools and adhesives
  • Put together a basic tool kit. Jim Hediger
  • Select tools that bend, grip, and cut. Terry Thompson
  • Get a grip on glues and adhesives. Jim Hediger
  • Glue structures using braces and jigs. Cody Grivno
  • Track and wiring
  • Ballast track easily. Cody Grivno
  • Work with curved thrnouts. Jim Hediger
  • Use magnetic couplers. Andy Sperandeo
  • Tune up turnouts. Jim Hediger
  • Use connectors for easier layout wiring. Jim Hediger
  • Wire a layout for two-train operation. Neil Besougloff
  • Shape and install spike-head feeders. Andy Sperandeo
  • Solder wire and track feeders. Jim Hediger
  • Structures
  • Scratchbuild a station from drawings. Cody Grivno
  • Make simple hoses. Cody Grivno
  • Model a weather-beaten structure. Cody Grivno
  • Put a big industry in a small space. Cody Grivno
  • Glaze windows with adhesive. Cody Grivno
  • Cast your own wall sections. Andy Sperandeo
  • Cut door and window openings. Cody Grivno
  • Kitbash large modular structures. Jim Hediger
  • Locomotives and freight cars
  • Perform rolling stock checkups. Jim Hediger
  • Service locomotives. Jim Hediger
  • Open handrail holes with reamers. Cody Grivno
  • Remove and replace molded details. Cody Grivno
  • Install a distinctive nose bell. Jim Hediger
  • Clean locomotive wheels. Cody Grivno
  • Repair and paint acetal handrails. Cody Grivno
  • Scenery
  • Add mounting pins to fence sections. Cody Grivno
  • Make a forest of puff-ball trees. Neil Besougloff and David Popp
  • Uncover the basics of ground cover. Cody Grivno
  • Create a quiet grade crossing. Cody Grivno
  • Cast rocks in place. Cody Grivno
  • Add gravel parking lots and roads. Cody Grivno
  • Model water with two-part resin. Cody Grivno
  • Build a ballasted-deck bridge. Cody Grivno
  • Install modern car-stopping devices. Cody Grivno
  • Painting and decaling
  • Learn the basics of airbrushing. Cody Grivno
  • Loosen paint jar caps. Cody Grivno
  • Airbrush models with acrylic paint. Cody Grivno
  • Paint yellow boxcars. Cody Grivno
  • Tint turn signals and taillights. Cody Grivno
  • Detail with different brands of decals. Cody Grivno
  • Model patch out freight cars. Cody Grivno
  • Weathering
  • Weather and string line poles. Cody Grivno
  • Create hard-working diesel locomotives. Cody Grivno
  • Re-letter and weather steam engines. Cody Grivno
  • Make couplers look realistic. Cody Grivno
  • Produce great ghost lettering. Cody Grivno
  • Add grime with an airbrush. Cody Grivno
  • Apply washes with artist's oils. Cody Grivno
  • Weather with powdered pastels. Cody Grivno
  • Simulate rust with makeup applicators. Cody Grivno
  • Drybrush different weathering effects. Cody Grivno

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Author(s): Cody Grivno
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