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DCS Accessory Interface Unit

Product Manufacturer: MTH Electric Trains®
Brand: MTH Electronics & Miscellaneous
Manufacturer Model: 50-1004
Store Item Number: MTH50-1004
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Digital Command System Accessory Interface Unit (AIU)

When you connect an AIU to the DCS system, you gain remote control over every accessory, switch and operating track section on your layout. Using the DCS handheld you can set routes, which let you throw every switch on your train’s route into the correct position at once. The set scene feature will similarly let you activate multiple accessories at the same time. And when you use an AIU with the DCS record and playback feature, you can record an operational script including accessory and switch operation, uncoupling of cars, and activation of operating cars, in addition to all the DCS locomotive features.

  • Each AIU controls up to 10 switches and 10 accessories.
  • daisy chain up to five AIUs
  • select and activate the accessories and switches you want
  • set routes to throw multiple switches at once
  • set scenes to activate multiple accessories at once
  • activate operating cars and couplers from the remote (via operating track sections)
  • include accessories and switches in recorded operational scripts
  • turn accessories on for continuous operation or activate for a single run-through

Made In: Thailand

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control
Found In Catalog: 2000 volume 2 Premier
Assembly: fully assembled