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Model Railroader's Guide to Steel Mills

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Model Railroader's Guide to Steel Mills by Bernard Kempinski

96 pages

A highly detailed and complex industry that features operations with specialized railcars is hard to beat on a model railroad. There is enough rail activity in a steel mill to build a layout that focuses just on the mill. Or you can include a steel mill as a peripheral industry and model some of the traffic that brings in raw materials, hauls out finished product, and provides intra-plant movement.

The Model Railroader's Guide to Steel Mills is a concise guide to the steel industry, past and present. It presents a clear picture of those mysterious complexes laced with a bewildering array of pipes, wires, and rail lines radiating in every direction. The book focuses on the iron making and steel making processes, mill structures, and supporting railroads. It also offers track planning ideas, modeling tips, and building techniques.

This book includes information on

  • compressing a steel mill scene
  • modeling steel mill operations
  • planning layouts in HO and N scales
  • detailing a blast furnace kit
  • weathering slag cars and hot metal cars

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Author(s): Bernard Kempinski
Number of Pages: 96

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