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Model Railroading: A Family Guide 4

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Model Railroading: A Family Guide
Author Bruce Greenberg
published by Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Hardcover with dust jacket

Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive and thoroughly up-to-date, Bruce Greenburg’s Model Railroading is the book every enthusiast has been awaiting. Whether you are an accomplished veteran or an interested beginner, this is the book on O- and S- scale modeling you cannot do without.

Model Railroading is a treasure trove of information and expert advice on every aspect of this classic hobby — the practicalities of budgeting your time and money; choosing the best equipment; designing and constructing your own layouts; troubleshooting repairs; selecting and using the proper tools; identifying and restoring valuable collectibles; the opportunities, pitfalls and etiquette of trading at train shows; the best mail order sources; and much, much more.

In addition, Mr. Greenburg has some remarkably practical and trenchant things to say about the mystique of model railroading — the creative, pshycological, social and familial rewards that have conspired to make this hobby such a perennial international favorite.

In short, if you are not yet a model railroader, beware; this book might easily convert you. And if you are already devoted to the hobby, you must have this book!

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Bruce Greenberg
Number of Pages: 167
Publication Date: 1979
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