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Railroading from the Rear End 4

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Railroading from the Rear End
Author: S. Kip Farrington Jr.
Published by Coward McCann Inc.
USED Hardcover with Dust Jacket 1946

Description from the dust jacket:

This excellent volume is a companion book to Mr. Farrington’s well known work, Railroading from the Head End, and is comparable to his Railroads ar War, that highly acclaimed volume which contains the finest of railroad photographs. Railroading from the Rear End is a book of modern railroading, its practices and operations; is is not another review of railroad history. It deals with operations from the end of the war to date. Its theme revolves around the rear end and the caboose, the roughest place on a freight train which acts as an office, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom to so many railroaders, and which is vitally important to all railroad freight train service. Mr. Farrington dicusses the duties of the business car, showing how vital this travelling office is to railroad officials; the dynamometer car, so necessary for computing tonnage ratings showing test of various large and successful locomotives on two major railroads; drovers cars; different types of maintenance of way cars; snow fighting equipment; battles with the elements; work trains; practices used in taking care of up to date tracks; railroad laboratories; locomotive shops; I.T.C. (Inductive Train Communication), the latest and most up to date form of communication; all new rear end signal practices; roller bearing equipment for freight cars; coal, wheat, stock, lumber, fruit and ore movements on various railroads, which are carried on trains with operation from the caboose; C.T.C. (Centralized Traffic Control) of a very vital railroad division, including graphs from the machine and transcripts of runs. Railroading from the Rear End also contains transcripts of many fast passenger runs in the United States, a valve pilot tape, and a unique description of a South American railroad. The author, not wishing any American to forget the great job performed by the military battalions out of this country during the war, has included a chapter on the Luzon military railroad which he spent some time on while in the Phillipines in 1945.


  1. The Little Caboose
    Last but Not Least — Riding the Rear End of the Manifest
  2. Inductive Train Communication
    Early Experiments with Train Communication — How It Works
  3. Empire Builder
    The Great Northern’s Magic Carpet
  4. Centralized Traffic Control On The Santa Fe
    Pecos Division Installation — Other Installations — Examplers of What C.T.C. Can Do — Typical Transcripts of Runs over C.T.C. equipped Pecos Division
  5. The Milwaukee
    A Railroad Hauls the Atom — The Fast Mail — The New Caboose
  6. Railroading On The Boston & Maine
    “It’s a Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad!”
  7. The New York Central’s S-1 Class Niagara
    Fittings and Equipment — The Tender — The Niagara Goes into Service — Dynamometer Car — Boiler Tests — The Hotbox Alarm — The Snow Melting Machine
  8. On The Chesapeake & Ohio
    The Trackman — What the Track Takes — The Work Train
  9. The Southern Pacific
    The Los Angeles Overnight — The Hill — Supply Train — Detector Car — S.P. Shorthand
  10. The Burlington’s Panoramic Coach
    The Vista-Dome Car
  11. The Norfolk & Western
    The Railroad That Coal Built — The Rear End of a Coal Train
  12. The Voice of the Santa Fe
    A Great Railway’s Communication System
  13. The American Locomotive Company
    The Story of Alco at Home and at War — The New Diesel-Electric Locomotives
  14. The Rio Grande
    Laboratory and Research
  15. The Baltimore & Ohio
    The “97’s” — Banana Special — Color Position Light Signals — Bay-Window Caboose — Passenger Service
  16. The Great Northern’s Ore Move
    The World’s Heaviest Trains — Fast Mail — The Grain Movement — Other Products
  17. Tailoring The Tracks On The New York Central
    Maintenance — The Clearance Car — The Ballast Cleaner — Subsurface Grounting — Laying Steel
  18. The “GFX”
    Santa Fe Green Fruit
  19. Snow Fighting On The Milwaukee
    The White Outlaw
  20. The Atlantic Coast Line
    Track Renovation — Train Communication
  21. The Erie
    History in the Making — Fruit Trains
  22. The Boston & Maine’s Yankee Empire
    Industrial New England — Fish Move — Snow Trains
  23. Flagman Of The Chicago & North Western
    Mars Headlight — Rules Governing the Flagman from Mars
  24. Business Car On The Santa Fe
    Field Headquarters — Milwaukee Business Car — The Business Car in Chile
  25. Black Diamonds Of The Norfolk & Western
    “Fuel Satisfaction”
  26. Manifest Train On The C&O
    Motive Power — Manifest Train No. 92
  27. The S.P.’s Biggest Rush
    Mountain Railroad — Homebound Troops — Snowball Special
  28. The Burlington
    Streamlined Station — Rear End of No. 62
  29. “Spud Specials” Of The Santa Fe
    The Story of the Potato — Potato Growing in California
  30. Roller Bearings For Freight Cars
    Wings on the Wheels
  31. The Road Of Pocahontas
    The Norfolk & Western‘s Balance Sheet — War Record
  32. Luzon Military Railroad
    Railroading in the Philippines — Military Railway Operations on Luzon
  33. Milk For Ten Million
    The New York Central Milk Service — New Pacemaker Fast Freight
  34. Santa Fe Wheat Bin
    The Battle of the Wheat Trains — The Crucible of Men and Locomotives
  35. See America By Rail
    Through Coast-to-Coast Service

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Author(s): S. Kip Farrington, Jr.
Number of Pages: 430
Publication Date: 1946
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