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Steel Trails: The Epic of the Railroads 4

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Steel Trails: The Epic of the Railroads
Author: Martin D. Stevens
Published by: Grosset & Dunlap
Second Edition
USED Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Few fail to thrill to the sight of a  majestic locomotive consuming the miles as it whirls the Limited to its destination, and most people would like to know the story behind it all — the toil, the risks of the engine crew, what goes on in the roundhouse, the “backstage” business of making up trains, the high pressure work in yards and on the road to move the nation’s freight, together with the salt and savor of railroad life.

All this and more Mr. Stevens has caught in Steel Trails. Yet it is no “wonder book,” skimming a sensational surface. While opening the unexpected wonderland which appears to the eye when riding along the railroad, he also shows the decades of effort by engineering departments, the clash of financial titans, the struggle with the wilderness which made American railroads what they are today.

This remarkable book tells you all the fascinating facts you have been wondering about in connection with the colorful story of railroading:

  • How a modern terminal works
  • How a freight yard operates
  • The story of Dining Car service
  • How the Twentieth Century gets to Chicago
  • The development of the Pullman Car
  • The various kinds of locomotives — and why
  • Why you see a Rock Island box car on the Santa Fe — and what it is doing there
  • How a railroad makes money — or doesn’t
  • The battle of freight rates — the long and short haul
  • Signaling and safety devices
  • Comparative speeds of fast trains
  • The problem of railroad location
  • The future of the railroads
  • And much more

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): Martin D. Stevers
Number of Pages: 374
Publication Date: 1933
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