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The Los Angeles Railway Through The Years 4

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The Los Angeles Railway Through The Years
Author: Steven L. Easlon
published by Darwin Publications
Softcover with Dust Jacket

The Los Angeles Railway was a continuous source of awe an excitement for young and old alike. Something about the ringing bell, the hum of the motors, the singing of the trolley pole on the overhead wire, and the conductor collecting fares made you take notice. Although the Los Angeles Railway wasn't the world's finest streetcar system, people enjoyed the little yellow cars so much that they would ride for miles simply for fun or for transportation to places of amusement.

Yes, this was a delightful streetcar system, but it had one distinction over nearly all other city streetcar systems: the Los Angeles Railway was BIG! It incorporated hundreds of miles of tracks on which you could ride virtually any type of streetcar you could imagine. Indeed, the Los Angeles Railway served as a very vital part of the transportation system of Los Angeles.

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): Steven L. Easlon
Number of Pages: 72
Publication Date: 1973
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