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The Pictorial Hstory of Steam Power 4

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The Pictorial History of Steam Power
Authors: Van Riemsdijk and Brown
published by Octopus Books Limited
Hardcover with dust jacket

The fascinating story of the development of steam power, from the earliest discoveries to the present day, is the subject of this lavishly illustrated book. The steam engine in all its forms — on the railroad, at sea, on land, in the factory, on the farm and prairie and even in the fairground — is discussed in detail and pictured in full color.

Detailed line drawings illustrate the more technical aspects of the subject, including boilers and their accessories, turbines and electricity generation. The book also reflects the recent interest in preserving the magnificent engines of the Steam Age, and gives a list of major collections of these in the museums of the world.

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Product Type: Book > Hardcover Book
Author(s): J. T. Van Riemsdijk and Kenneth Brown
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1980
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