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The Railroad Station 4

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The Railroad Station
Author: Carroll Meeks
published by Castle Books
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

In The Railroad Station, Carroll Meeks has given us an excellent study which adds greatly to our understanding of the development of architecture during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Mr. Meeks has assembled, described, analyzed, and lucidly interpreted the evolution of one of the most characteristic building types of the century between 1830 and 1930. He recaptures for us much of the mid-Victorian enthusiasm for the new institution which applied a burgeoning technology to the realization of an age-old dream of speed. Despite static masonry and metal, the railroad station was the architectural expression of this dynamic institution. Mr. Meeks exploits fully the psychological values of these buildings as the new gateways to the cities, as monumental reassurances for timid travelers, and as exuberant propaganda enthusiastically undertaken by competitive corporations. Mr. Meeks has produced a monograph which is not only based on a comprehensive inventory and meticulous documentation, but which is also a pleasure to read.

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Author(s): Carroll L. V. Meeks
Number of Pages: 203
Publication Date: September 1978
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