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The Treasury of the Automobile 4

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The Treasury of the Automobile
Author: Ralph Stein
published by Golden Press
Hardcover with Dust Jacket

This book is for anyone who has ever owned, driven or yearned for a sublime automobile. It is for the brotherhood of those who are stirred by the beauty of a Grand Marque, by the excellence of an honest design made real in metal, or by the exasperating, exciting individuality of a thoroughbred performer. In this book you will discover:

  1. The Fire Chariots: The automobile's extraordinary Eighteenth Century beginnings.
  2. The Years of Fulfillment: The rise of the internal combustion engine and the first real cars.
  3. Early Races and Rallies: The quest for speed and the ordeal of endurance around the world.
  4. Electric Cars and Steamers: Two lovely dinosaurs en route to oblivion on evolution's dead-end street.
  5. The Grand Marques: Rolls, Alfa, Duesenberg, Mercer, Jaguar, Mercedes, the Bugs, the Model T, the best.
  6. Grand Prix: Latter-day jousts and tournaments of speed at home and abroad.
  7. Sports Cars: What most of us drive — with pride, fury, and an eye on the next level up.
  8. Links With the Past: Today's Restoration Drama, or, How to Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear.
  9. The Future: No Bugattis in sight, but revolution stirs. Tomorrow may be breath-taking.

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Author(s): Ralph Stein
Number of Pages: 248
Publication Date: 1961
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