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Toy Trains of Yesteryear 4

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Toy Trains of Yesteryear
Author: Case Kowal

Toy Trains of Yesteryear puts into on convenient low priced volume many of the toy train collecting articles written by Case Kowal for TOY TRAINS MAGAZINE during 1953 and 1954. The issues containing these articles have long since been out of print and back issues of TOY TRAINS usually command a premium when they can be found. At the request of countless collectors, we have therefore produced this volume for the toy trains collector in the Carstens Rail-Craft Library.

While all of the material in this book has been completely reset with brand new computerized film type-setting, the publishers have not changed the original articles in any way. They are reprinted just as they originally appeared insofar as the text is concerned, and without apology, but we do want the reader to know that there conceivably could be new discoveries since the original writing which might conflict with some of the data presented here.

  1. Carlisle & Finch
  2. Knapp Trains
  3. Weeden Live Steamers
  4. Howard Trolleys
  5. Howard Trains
  6. American Flyer's Unsuperstitious No. 13
  7. American Flyer's Deluxe No. 3020
  8. American Flyer's Wide Gauge
  9. Bing of the Twenties
  10. Bing Clockwork
  11. Early German Clockwork
  12. Lionel's No. 33
  13. Lionel Electrically Lighted O Gauge
  14. Lionel's Big No. 42
  15. The Lionel Armored Train
  16. Dear Mr. Ives: No. 17
  17. Ives No. 1 Gauge
  18. Ives Economy Models
  19. Made In The Ives Shops: Wide Gauge
  20. Limited Vestibule Express
  21. Ives Streamline Train Designs
  22. Dorfan and Die Castings

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Product Type: Book > Softcover Book
Author(s): Case Kowal
Number of Pages: 50
Publication Date: 1972
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