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World Locomotive Models 4

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World Locomotive Models
Author: George Dow
published by Arco Publishing Company, Inc.
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
252 illustrations from 40 countries and 16 color plates

The model locomotive is almost as old as the full-size prototype, and during the early Victorian era its potentiality came to be recognized as a toll of research, as a sales aid, and later as an absorbing recreational pursuit. The story of the engineering scale-model is, then, the story of the locomotive; by bringing together for the first time more than 250 scale-model locomotives of railways throughout the world, this book demonstrates visually the development of motive power on railways from the earliest days of steam (the first model is from 1804) to its virtual replacement by electric and diesel traction.

The photographs have been assembled in chronological order of the appearance of the prototype engines; there are 268 of them — representing 40 countries — many of which have never before been published, and together they form a unique collection of prfound interest to railway enthusiasts and of unsurpassed reference value for all modelers. Each photograph is accompanied by a long caption which describes in detail the model itself and also gives the history, design and performance of its prototype.

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Author(s): George Dow
Number of Pages: 168
Publication Date: 1973
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