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Basic Model Railroad Benchwork

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Basic Model Railroad Benchwork
Second Edition

Benchwork serves as a solid base for your model railroad. Reliably operating your trains on smooth-running track depends upon having sturdy, level benchwork. Basic Model Railroad Benchwork shows you how, whether you plan on building your layout on simple tables or turning it into a piece of furniture.

This new edition of Basic Model Railroad Benchwork expands upon the original with additional ideas and techniques for these types of benchwork:

  • L-girder
  • Open-grid
  • Steel-Stud
  • Around-the-walls
  • Freestanding
  • Multi-deck

You can get solid results even if you've never done any woodworking before. This book provides directions, photos, and drawings for building many styles of benchwork and other supporting components. You'll also be able to:

  • Plan your benchwork
  • Select lumber, foam, and other materials
  • Extend your layout with backdrops and fascia
  • Provide access with duckunders and liftout sections
  • Add cookie-cutter or free-form roadbed
  • Use foam as a benchwork material

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Author(s): Jeff Wilson
Number of Pages: 103
Publication Date: 2012