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Bettendorf T-Section Trucks with Ready-To-Mount Couplers

Product Manufacturer: Kadee
Manufacturer Model: 512
Store Item Number: KAD512
Quantity In Stock: 4

Standard Bettendorf T-Section Trucks with Ready-To-Mount Couplers (one pair)

Metal Fully Sprung Equalized Trucks with Ready-To-Mount Metal Couplers
Mounts with a #2 or 2-56 screw.

The Bettendorf T-Section truck was introduced in the 1920’s with a one piece cast sideframe. It had a life similar to the Andrews truck.

Truck Features

  • Ready-To-Mount Metal Whisker® Couplers
  • Code 110 (.110) 33" ribbed back wheels
  • Accurate markings
  • Incredible detail True to prototype
  • Non-magnetic Metal wheels
  • Highly Flexible sprung trucks
  • Metal SideFrames & Fully Sprung Bolster
  • Smooth tracking Free rolling Contoured Insulated Axles
  • RP-25 Free rolling wheels


Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Rolling Stock > Freight Car > freight car parts
Scale: HO