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ProtoSmoke™ Fluid two ounce bottle Apple Pie scent

Product Manufacturer: MTH Electric Trains®
Brand: MTH Electronics & Miscellaneous
Manufacturer Model: 60-1051L
Store Item Number: MTH60-1051L
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ProtoSmoke™ Fluid two fluid ounce (50ml) bottle Apple Pie scent

This ProtoSmoke™ variety is one of 12 different “scents” of fluid for your M.T.H. smoke unit equipped locomotives and accessories.

ProtoSmoke™ is the recommended fluid for M.T.H. products and can be used in other manufacturers products as well.

To review any precautions with ProtoSmoke™, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Features: 2.0 OZ Glass Bottle with Eye Dropper

Made In: United States

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Accessory
Found In Catalog: First appeared in: 2005 Volume 1