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Bettendorf T-Section "HGC" Caboose Trucks

Product Manufacturer: Kadee
Manufacturer Model: 1581
Store Item Number: KAD1581
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Bettendorf T-Section "HGC" Caboose Leaf Spring Self-Centering Trucks

  • with 33" Ribbed Back Code 88 Metal Wheels
  • 2 Piece "HGC" Trucks & Metal RP-25 Wheels with Free Rolling Insulated Axles

"HGC" Two Piece Fully Equalized Trucks Features:

  • Self Centering Action - Trucks self align themselves parallel with the car for easier placement on track.
  • Code 88 (.088) #533 33" Ribbed Back Wheels
  • "HGC" Weighs nearly the same as Metal Trucks
  • Superior Rolling Ability
  • Clip on Brake Pads
  • Accurate Markings
  • Incredible Detail True to Prototype
  • Non-Magnetic Metal Wheels
  • Highly Flexible Fully Equalized Trucks
  • Smooth tracking Free Rolling Contoured Insulated Axles
  • RP-25 Free Rolling Wheels

Package Includes:

  • (2) Each #1581 Bettendorf T-Section Self Centering Caboose Truck (Leaf Spring) (assembled)
  • (2) Clip on Brake Pads
  • (2) Each Self Centering Bushing
  • (2) Each #2 Screw

The term Code 110 and Code 88 relates to the width of the wheels and has no relationship to track code. Code 110 wheels are .110" wide and Code 88 are .088" wide. Code 110 wheels are the common (or "Standard") width wheels and Code 88 are what is called "Semi-Scale" and are used when the modeler wants a more prototypical looking wheel width. Actual HO-Scale prototypical wheel width would be around .067" wide and although they will run OK on the average track they will not go through common turnouts and crossings. Code 88 (.088") is just about the minimum width of wheel that will run on most standard or common track if gauged correctly. It really is a matter of appearances because there's very little operational differences between running Code 110 or Code 88 wheels. Code 88 wheels look really good and are most noticeable on open frame cars like hoppers and tank cars. However, they also look great on boxcars, gondolas, and reefers but not quite as noticeable.

Made In: United States

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Rolling Stock > Freight Car > freight car parts
Scale: HO