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25 Freight Car Projects 4

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25 Freight Car Projects

  • Refine your freight cars
  • On any model railroad, you'll want your freight cars to look as realistic as possible. To help you improve your freight car fleet, this book features 25 projects written by:
  • Cody Grivno
  • Tony Koester
  • Keith Kohlmann
  • James McNab
  • Mont Switzer
  • Jeff Wilson
  • While most projects focus on a specific prototype, the modeling techniques can be used on a variety of cars. Projects include HO and N Scales and cover boxcars, flatcars, gondolas, hoppers, reefers, and other cars.
  • These are some of the projects you'll learn how to complete:
  • Patching freight cars with paint pens
  • Making a realistic deck for a flatcar
  • Converting a bulkhead flatcar to a gondola
  • Modeling ore cars in gravel service
  • Undecorating a "cheese" boxcar
  • Weathering a war-emergency hopper
  • Building a 3D printed gondola

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Publication Date: May 2016
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