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SB5 Smart Booster

Product Manufacturer: NCE Corporation
Manufacturer Model: 5240027
Store Item Number: NCE5240027
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SB5 Smart Booster

Add an SB5 Smart Booster (command station / power booster) to your Power Cab when you need more locomotive capacity (track power). The SB5 can supply 5 Amps of track power while freeing up your Power Cab for true walk around control. The SB5 accommodates up to 6 throttles plus an additional 3 cab bus accessories such as AIU, USB or Mini-panels. An internationally approved 12/13.8 volt 5 Amp power supply is included.

Don't forget to use a REAL surge protector not a power strip.

We highly recommend a DCC track output Circuit Breaker like the EB1 v1.1

Made In: United States

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control > DCC Accessories