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Catalyst card game 2

Product Manufacturer: DV Giochi
Manufacturer Model: DVG9034
Store Item Number: DVG9034
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Catalyst card game

The superhuman power of the Catalysts is in your hands. A new type of catalytic energy has been discovered and some special individuals are able to exploit it: they are known as “Catalysts”. These rare individuals can use this energy to act together as a sort of interconnected network.

Players must recruit the Catalysts and activate them to create awesome combos. By using the key-buildings, they will be able to enhance their catalytic energy. By maximizing powerful card effects in linked chains and by following the lead of the goal card, players will score victory points and lead their city to fame and fortune.

A card drafting and combo-building game with a simple yet innovative twist on classic game mechanics.


  • 60 Catalyst cards
  • 16 Building cards
  • 4 Goal cards
  • 1 playing board
  • 32 Coins
  • 30 Military Power tokens
  • 5 Chain Activation tokens
  • 1 Final Round token
  • 1 Starting Player marker
  • 1 scoring pad
  • rulebook

ages 10+, 2-4 players, 20-40 minutes

Made In: China

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Card Game
Age Group: adult
Product Notes:
2. This product has been discontinued by The Western Depot and is limited to the quantity on hand.