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Great Northern Color Pictorial Volume 1 4

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Great Northern Color Pictorial Volume 1
The Electrics, Last of Steam, First Generation Diesels

Volume 1 in this handsome series showcases the GN's electric locomotives and the first generation diesels. (There are also 4 pages of the last steam locomotives.) The first section discusses the Cascade electrics and includes a 1909-56 roster for electric locomotives. The diesel section covers early acquisitions (with 1926-43 roster) and then looks at the diesels by function (switchers, single and two-unit road switchers, three-unit freight locomotives, three-unit passenger locomotives, and four-unit freight locomotives) and by model (EMD 1000hp road switchers, EMD general purpose locomotives--GP7, 9, and 9m, EMD special duty locomotives, and EMD E7 passenger units. Includes roster for each group. Illustrated throughout with full color photos. End papers show system map.

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Great Northern
Great Northern

Author(s): Joseph W. Shine
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 1992
Age Group: adult
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