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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in the Potomac Valley 4

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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in the Potomac Valley

120 black and white photos; 5 illustrations

Perhaps “in the Potomac Valley” is not the best way to describe this book; the black-and-white photos span most of the eastern region of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, from the unmistakable skyline of Manhattan Island to the deepest hollers of Appalachia. But how else can one describe a region so diverse?

The locations depicted in these photos are the heart of the B&O. While the B&O ranged as far afield as Saint Louis and Chicago, “out there” it was a midwestern road. It was only in the railroad’s backyard that one could find the “true” B&O, or at least the one fondly remembered by most fans of this unique transportation enterprise.

And no part of the B&O’s backyard was more its heart than the valley formed by the Potomac River and tributaries. Hence the nameBaltimore & Ohio in the Potomac Valley.

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Baltimore & Ohio
Baltimore & Ohio

Author(s): Martin J. McGuirk
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 2001
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