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UR93 Duplex Radio Transceiver

Product Manufacturer: Digitrax
Manufacturer Model: UR93
Store Item Number: DGTUR93
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UR93 Duplex Radio Transceiver

  • Digitrax Duplex Radio Transceiver on LocoNet wire infrastructure (no IR support).
  • More than double the radio range of UR92 Duplex units.
  • Improved multi-path performance for cluttered layouts.
  • Plug and Play setup, PS14 Universal power supply included.
  • Compatible to be mixed with UR92 LocoNet Duplex Radio systems, for added coverage and improved reception.
  • Status LEDS.
  • Supports combinations of DT602D/DE and DT500D, DT402D and UT4D Duplex Radio throttles.
  • UR93E available for countries that require EN-300-328 Wireless conformity.

Made In: United States

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > model train control > DCC Accessories
Age Group: adult