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The World's Greatest Toy Train Maker 4

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The World’s Greatest Toy Train Maker Insiders Remember Lionel

Before and after the Second World War, kids across America and around the globe knew about The Lionel Corporation, the world’s greatest toy train maker. They dreamed about its magical locomotives and accessories and begged for exciting Lionel train sets at the holidays.

Was it just as magical to work at Lionel? For the first time, nine insiders invite us to follow them back in time to the showroom and factory of the legendary company that made the finest toys any child could desire.

  • Smile as they warmly remember Joshua Lionel Cowen, the company’s founder, and other principals.
  • Listen as they carefully explain the development of notable toy trains as well as other products.
  • Laugh as they recall the mishaps that occurred when operating electric trains on live television.

If you ever loved Lionel trains, you will want to read this informative and entertaining look at the history of the world’s greatest toy train maker.

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