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Finishing Touches 4

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Finishing Touches: A Greenberg Dollhouse Publication
by Jack Robinson
softcover, First Edition, copyright 1986, 56 pages

Jack Robinson has been designing and building dollhouses for ten years. As a renovator of older homes, he developed an eye for detail that has been applied to the construction of a large variety of dollhouses. In searching for better ways to handle old problems which arise when dealing with miniatures, Jack has devised many new techniques that make dollhouse building not only much simpler, but less expensive too. Finishing Touches is the first of a series in which Jack explains how to make replicas of brick chimneys, stone foundations, hardwood floors, and indoor trimming.

  1. Introduction
  2. Brick is Back
  3. Block and Stone Foundations Made Easy
  4. Flooring Feats
  5. Trimming Out

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Author(s): Jack Robinson with Samuel J. Baum
Number of Pages: 56
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