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Historic SP And The Greater Bay

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Historic SP And The Greater Bay
  • Look back to a great era with steam and early diesel trains filmed by the most prominent railfans of the time. We extensively cover Northern California and the San Francisco Peninsula to San Jose and Los Gatos in the early 1950s. Many classes of SP steam, diesels and FM Train Masters pulling commutes are shown when it mattered. We visit Niles Canyon Tower and then off to Altamont Pass and the greater East Bay area with stunning views of the area that have changed forever! See large steam Cab Forwards and other early diesels leading freight trains at Giant, Oakland, Berkeley and beautiful places to Crockett! Marvel at the parade of early freight cars from around the US and SP cabooses and Passenger Cars, that are a real highlight!
  • Unbelievable scenes of the NWP Railroad running with Steam and Black Widow units! Look back in time at Island Mountain and Old "Alton" station when they were important locations. The NWP Line North all the way to Eureka, with freight and passenger trains, real lineside stations, bridges, tunnels, lumber towns, and a way of life that has vanished forever! The never-before-seen crystal clear Kodak Movie Film has waited up to 70 years for your viewing! The picture and sound quality are incredible in this 2 HR 1 Minute movie!
  • This is a must for any SP or NWP fan, or fans of real railroading who remember or want to see how it really was!

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Length in Minutes: 121
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