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Freight West 1970s-1980s

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Freight West 1970s-1980s

  • Do you miss the Santa Fe, SP, WP, and the old version on the UP? This presentation brings it back with a fine display of older smoking power, beautiful graffiti-free freight cars and trailers that are railroad owned. Four railroads are covered in the 1970's and 80's at all the most scenic locations on beautiful "Kodak" color film with sound! We make the case for watching freight car traffic-patterns and loads to better understand how railroads worked before all the mergers.
  • Tons of clean home road cars and Per Deim boxcars, Coop hoppers, lumber flats and special loads! Of course, every train has a caboose or two! The best trains are shown in their entirety, making this a "Candy Store for Modeler and railfans". The paint schemes, slogans and colors remind us how much visually things have changed in railroading over the years. Watching these trains will make you realize all the things we took for granted as normal back in the day. These rare freight car views are now cherished more then ever before!
  • Model railroaders should also value these scenes to create trains with a credible mix of cars from other lines and some things we never believed that actually did happen! This movie brings back many fond memories and gives us license to dream big when it comes to our own railroading!

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Length in Minutes: 166
Publication Date: March 18, 2022
Age Group: adult