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Building What's In A Photo

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Building What's In A Photo

Have you ever seen a layout, structure or scene in a book or online that you've wanted to re-create? Building What's in a Photo will help you with just that by showcasing models from the most talented builders. This book will help you go from "I could never build that" to "Wow, I built that!"

Building What’s in a Photo takes you from an interesting prototype photo all the way through to a finished project. We’ve gathered some of model railroading’s most talented builders to share their models and the images that inspired them. Perhaps some of these photos will inspire you to model these scenes, or to find your own projects sparked by photos you’ve found!

You’ll get a variety of projects, including:

  • Prolific author Bernard Kempinski shows you how to research Civil War-era railroads.
  • Contributing Model Railroader editor Lou Sassi turns photos he took “just in case” into a memorial to a landmark he passed on his way to work.
  • Model where rail meets water with expert Paul J. Dolkos.
  • Pop-up railcar scrapping, by M.R. Snell.
  • And many more!

There are projects for every skill level, from re-creating a busy Long Island Rail Road junction using off-the-shelf kits to tips on scratchbuilding a steam locomotive from brass.

  1. Building a wooden arched truss bridge by Bernard Kempinski
  2. Build an interlocking scene by John F. Ciesla
  3. Saving Peerless Tanning by Lou Sassi
  4. Modeling where rail meets water by Paul J. Dolkos
  5. Modeling an old station by Alex Belida
  6. Backdrops bring a snowy scene to life by Mark Dance
  7. Pop-up railcar scrapping by M. R. Snell
  8. Filling in the background by Dominic Bourgeois
  9. Building an offline customer by James McNab
  10. Diamonds in the tracks by Todd Hermann
  11. Building from the inside out by Ron Hoess
  12. Building Fisherman's Wharf by Harvey Simon
  13. Scratchbuilding a brass locomotive by Andrew Dodge
  14. Engine no. 18 in Kingfield by Lou Sassi

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