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The Circus Moves By Rail 4

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The Circus Moves By Rail
published by Pruett Publishing Company
first edition with dust jacket

The posters proclaimed the coming circus and the children, both young and young at heart, would gather at the train depot with feverish anticipation. The circus train, ornately lettered with mysterious promises, carried a strange and fascinating cargo that sparked excitement in small towns across the country. Ordinary crossings and sidings became places of wonder as locomotives chugged the marvelous cars into view, the scene fairly burst into action. Engines spotted cars. Mn set the runs. Horses clomped down the ramps. Wagons rolled off flats. Eight horse teams appeared. Crews gathered. Crowds formed. Boys gaped.

Join the authors on this marvelous tour of circus railroading. Contents include: first attempts at railroading, how shows function by rail, routing, rates, tariffs, advertising cars, flatcars, stock cars, living aboard the show train, famous long and short runs, famous disasters, two car shows, and modern outgrowths of the circus train. Here is all the brilliance of those circus trains captured in a beautiful volume of pictures, posters, and text. A delightful book for circus buff and railfan alike.

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Railroad: circus
Author(s): Tom Parkison and Charles Philip Fox
Number of Pages: 391
Publication Date: 1978
Age Group: adult
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