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Burlington Northern 1972 Annual 4

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Burlington Northern 1972 Annual
published by Motive Power Services


  1. Motive Power Changes, 1971-1972
  2. The Faces of Burlington Northern
  3. The Beef Express and Pacific Zip
  4. Freight Car Anomalies
  5. Feature Model: The Century 636
  6. 5660: Red, Wrecked and Rehabilitated
  7. Leased Power
  8. BN: The People Mover
  9. Roster of BN Passenger Cars
  10. Yesterday and Tomorrow of Passenger Service
  11. Oddball E's
  12. 9950: Oddest of the Odd
  13. Roster of BN Locomotives
  14. Assignment of BN Locomotives 9/1/72

NOTE: Several pages of this book have come loose from the binding. No pages are missing as near as we can tell.

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Burlington Northern
Burlington Northern

Number of Pages: 100
Publication Date: 1972
Age Group: adult
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