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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels volume 11 4

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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels volume 11

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
       Roster: SP, T&NO and Cotton Belt
       Paint Evolution on SP Baldwins, 1941-1958
  2. The VO-660 Switchers
  3. The VO-1000 Switchers
  4. Postwar 1000-horsepower Switchers
  5. Thin-Frame S-12 Switchers
  6. Fabricated-Frame S-12 Switchers
  7. Baldwin Demonstrators Visit the SP
  8. Six-Axle, 1500-horsepower Roadswitchers
  9. Cow-and-Calf Operations
  10. Six-Axle, 1600-horsepower Roadswitchers
       T&NO AS-616 Units
       Cotton Belt 2000-horsepower Centercab

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Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific

Author(s): Joseph A. Strapac
Number of Pages: 112
Publication Date: March 2005
Age Group: adult
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