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Santa Fe ...Steel Rails Through California 4

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Santa Fe ...Steel Rails Through California
3rd printing June 1964

slipcover is missing and spine is damaged

For nearly three generations, Santa Fe has been a magic name in the world of travel. Since the first passenger train crossed the California border with its red plush and polished brass, the Santa Fe Railway has become a part of California life. Yet few enterprises has sop many barriers to hurdle as the young Santa Fe in reaching the Golden State.

This book differs from many histories of the railroad. It does not stop at an early date or deal merely with construction, but is a stirring pageant of railroad transportation from the days of the first trains to the famous streamlined Super Chief of the present. This book of superb photgraphs expertly integrated into a sparkling text fires the imagination of those who remember the big steam locomotives climbing Cajon Pass or the first blunt-nosed diesel powered Super Chief as it pulled into La Grande station. This book is an intensely human story of struggle in the California tradition, of adversity, achievement and triumph. Here is the Santa Fe - a big generous slice of it - served up in easy-to-read style with a matchless picture collection of railroading.

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Santa Fe (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe)
Santa Fe (Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe)

Author(s): Donald Duke and Stan Kistler
Number of Pages: 184
Publication Date: 1963
Age Group: adult
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