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America's Colorful Railroads (Bonanza 1980 Edition) 4

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America's Colorful Railroads
published by Bonanza Books
with dust jacket
Bonanza 1980 Edition

Pages are beginning to come loose from the spine

This book captures in 281 full color photographs the period in railroad history, the 1940s and 1950s, that brought the transition from steam to diesel engines. Don Ball, noted rail photographer and historian, selected from his own slides, his photo collection, and the work of a few others then photographing in color a stunning array of pictures celebrating railroads from coast to coast. He presents the reader a treasury of information about the types of engines used during this period and a unique documentation of their vivid paint schemes. The text delves into the fascinating histories and personalities of the railroads. Here Ball conveys the enthusiasm and describes the adventures of the railroad hobbyist facing the challenge of catching on film as many of the great steam engines as possible (a task made more urgent as it became clear they were making their last runs) and recording the first of the bold new breed, diesels, taking over the work that steam had done so well.

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Author(s): Don Ball, Jr.
Number of Pages: 210
Publication Date: 1978
Age Group: adult
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