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A Treasury of Railroad Folklore 4

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A Treasury of Railroad Folklore
The Stories, Tall Tales, Traditions, Ballads and Songs of the American Railroad Man
published by Bonanza Books


  1. Part One: Iron Horses and Iron Men
    1. All In The Days Work
    2. Headlines and Heroes
  2. Part Two: Apprentice Years
    1. Operation by Trial and Error
    2. The Iron Horse Goes to War
    3. The Advancing Frontier
    4. Grand Strategy
  3. Part Three: Vanishing Types
    1. Boomer and Home Guard
    2. Banditti of the Rails
    3. Rail Stiffs
    4. Cracker Barrel Railroads
  4. Part Four: Main Line and Sidetrack
    1. Tools and Tricks of the Trade
    2. It Did Happen Here
    3. Told in the Roundhouse
    4. The Passenger Is Always Right
  5. Part Five: BLues, Ballads, and Work Songs
    1. Irish Immigrants and Western Emigrants
    2. Negro Gang Work Songs
    3. Brave Engineers
    4. Hobo Songs
    5. Blues and Love Songs
  6. Appendix: Railroadiana

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Author(s): edited by B. A. Botkin and Alvin F. Harlow
Number of Pages: 530
Publication Date: 1953
Age Group: adult
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