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History Of The Union Pacific Coal Mines 1868 to 1940 4

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History Of The Union Pacific Coal Mines 1868 to 1940
published by The Colonial Press

In January 1924 the Employes' Magazine of The Union Pacific Coal Company and its subsidiary, the Washington Union Coal Company, was launched as a medium of good will and understanding, with the further hope that as the years passed, much of the life and color of the pioneer days might be put into print and thus saved. With this end in mind stories and sketches, together with many old photographs, were assembled and reproduced, and it is this material, together with certain widely scattered and fragmentary records, as well as many interviews with the men and women who lived and worked in and about the mines in the early days, that served as the foundation of this little history.

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Union Pacific
Union Pacific

Author(s): anonymous
Number of Pages: 265+
Publication Date: June 1940
Age Group: adult
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