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The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles 1973-1996 4

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The Southern Pacific in Los Angeles 1973-1996

8½x11-Hardbound, 280 pages, more than 580 illustrations, maps, bibliography and index. This book is a living souvenir to the 123 years this great railroad operated in Los Angeles and Southern California. This volume covers historically and pictorially all the events that happened to the Southern Pacific over the 123 year period. It covers the early days up through the diesel era. It features the stations, the yards, the roundhouses, the shops, the freight and passenger operations, the locomotives, both steam and diesel, which made the Southern Pacific the most powerful railroad in the Far West.

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Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific

Author(s): Larry Mullaly and Bruce Petty
Number of Pages: 280
Publication Date: 2002
Age Group: adult
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