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Those Daylight 4-8-4's 4

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Those Daylight 4-8-4's
The Story of Southern Pacific GS Class Locomotives
published by Kratville Publications


  1. Concept Of An Engine
  2. At The Builders
  3. GS-1 The Forerunners
  4. GS-2 The Streamlined Locomotive
  5. GS-3 The First Speedsters
  6. GS-4 Ultimate In Passenger Power
  7. GS-5 Experiment In Roller Bearings
  8. GS-6 The War Babies
  9. GS-7 & 8 In From St. Louis
  10. Development
  11. Operations

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Southern Pacific
Southern Pacific

Author(s): Robert J. Church
Number of Pages: 120
Publication Date: 1966
Age Group: adult
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