Delaware & Hudson 4-car 60' streamlined passenger set

Delaware & Hudson 4-car 60\' streamlined passenger set

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Date Added: Tuesday 08 March, 2022

by John Boxmeyer

This MTH 30-67851 set is beautiful. It exceeded my expectations, especially because I couldn't find an actual photo of this set online, only the rendering of it which turns out to be not very accurate. The rendering I saw made it look like it has a squared-end observation car but it is actually a round-end, or "boat-tail" observation car as described on the MTH Trains page for this set, and I like this one much better. A nice touch is the observation car has a red light on the tail end. I was concerned because there was a description of the consist as (1) Baggage, (2) Sleepers, (1) Observation, while the rendering showed a Vista Dome. The four cars that I actually received (and which are listed on the box itself and on the MTH Trains page) are: Baggage Car, Coach Car, Vista Dome, and Observation Car. Much better consist in my opinion. Additional nice features that I didn't expect are separately-applied grab irons, and operating side doors on the baggage car. The baggage car door are sprung, so that they don't slide open by themselves. You press them and then they will slide open. The 60' length of the cars may not be prototypical but they look fantastic and are more than long enough rounding O-36 curves on my very small layout. I'm really happy to have found this at The Western Depot.

Rating: ★★★★★ [5 of 5 Stars!]

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