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Chicago & North Western 86' auto parts boxcar #92066

Product Manufacturer: Bluford Shops
Manufacturer Model: 86695
Store Item Number: BLU86695
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Chicago & North Western XF Food Loading 86' auto parts boxcar #92066

Chicago & North Western had their fair share of auto parts traffic but after more than a decade of service, some of these 86’ boxcars were reclassed as XF cars – for food loading only. This group was then assigned to carry breakfast cereal between factories and grocery distributors.

Bluford Shops is introducing a new run of our N scale Pullman Standard 86’ Double Door Auto Parts Boxcars. This new set of releases feature a new draft gear design that accommodates 1015 and compatible couplers (included,) our latest 70 ton roller bearing trucks and metal wheels. The minimum radius is 11” (note the old “lift kit” for even tighter curves has been discontinued.) They also include separate wire grab irons and etched metal platforms on the ends. The draft gear is mounted to the body but has a spring centered swing action that both resists string-lining the train pulling through curves and resists the trucks climbing the rail during shoving moves.

Made In: China

Product Condition: New

Product Type: Model Train > Rolling Stock > Freight Car > boxcar
Scale: N
Reporting Marks: CNW
Chicago & North Western
Chicago & North Western

Assembly: fully assembled
Age Group: adult