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Smartfrog Board

Product Manufacturer: Ane Model Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Model: AP003
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Smartfrog Board

Since ANE Model Co SmartSwitch™ system has been released, many modellers have also asked us whether we will provide any further products. We have taken all of these questions and comments on board and decided to completely redesign the SmartFrog and now we have a completely electronic unit to direct the power to the Frog as well as now having the ability of being compatible with the SmartSwitch™ system, but, now these units can also be used autonomously to power your frogs.

After launching the first version SmartSwitch™, we gathered all opinions and feedback to refine our future products. Thus, the newest SmartSwitch Ver4™ and the advanced SmartFrog Ver4 are also improved and launched one by one. SmartFrog keep the original features and also add a new manual controlling function. This new function could make part of modellers control the power routing of turnout frog by using manual toggle switch without installing SmartSwitch.


  • The small size makes it suitable for use on any scale layout including G Scale. Able to be used on DC and DCC layouts.
  • Process the turnout frog power routing automatically with SmartSwitch Ver4™ or direct the turnout frog power routing by using a toggle switch.
  • Power can be taken from the model tracks if using DCC without running any additional power lines.
  • Dual LED outputs are automatically switched by the SmartFrog Ver4. Connect the LED directly without the addition of any resistors.
  • SmartFrog Ver4 also features the latest component design and will accept 4A power supply.


  • Power input 12V
  • Acceptable for DC and DCC power
  • Max current 4A for any scale layout
  • 2 LED output
  • Dual mode for auto switch and manual switch frog power wiring.

Product Condition: New

Product Type: electronics
Dimensions (L x W x H): 45mm x 30mm x 20mm