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Modeler's Guide To The Right Of Way

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Modeler's Guide To The Right Of Way

  • From the track itself, through the roadbed, and out into the weeds at the edge of the right of way, Jeff Wilson shares the details that keep railroads running, and how to incorporate them into your modeling for a more realistic layout.

Modeler's Guide to the Right of Way includes:

  • Prototype photos and information, as well as modeling tips.
  • Track and roadbed, including rail, ties, spikes, turnouts, switch stands, and ballast.
  • Grade-crossing details including flashers, gates, towers, and crossing materials.
  • Trackside details such as defect detectors, communication lines, and equipment scanners.
  • Signs, such as mileposts, whistle posts, warning signs, speed-limit signs, and flanger posts.
  • And more!
  • Plus, included are 19+ modeling tip callouts throughout the book!


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Author(s): Jeff Wilson
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